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[xmlblaster-devel] Bug hunting Analysis

Greetings Michele.

I am still trying to figure out why I can't get through the
peekWithLimitEntry test...

Unmodified the code fails with mysql randomly.
I can run the test suite over and over again and get results such as...

4 good runs in a row...
Fail test 1 expected 3 got 5 or 4 sometimes.
Fail test 3  expected 5 got 3 or sometimes 4.
A good test or two and so on with seemingly random failures.

If I put extra parenthasis/single quotes in to make the sql absolutly unambiguous I can get to a stable fail at test 3 with expected 5 got 3 almost every time. Sometimes it will pass.

These types of results lead me to the conclusion that the db or drivers
have a problem. Maybe mysql is interpreting the decimal(19,0) field wrong. I have an idea it stores the number in a text format and this would explain the seemingly random failures...

I.E 199999999999 would be greater than 200000000000 because lots of 9's added together as a text char compare is greater than lots of 0's.

Maybe I will persue this avenue first... Seems everything else I have tried yeilds the same results.

What started out to be the simple objective of running xmlBlaster with MySQL has turned into a nightmare...

I am having a rest for a few days before it drives me insane.

Merry Christmas to all.