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[xmlblaster-devel] [xmlblaster] C++ client library release


our C++ client library to access xmlBlaster
is now fairly up to date again (available with cvs).

It compiles fine with

   icc 7.x and 8.x  (INTEL)
   g++ 2.9x
   g++ 3.x
   Visual C++ since Jan. 2003

and is checked for memory leaks with valgrind.

Both CORBA and native SOCKET protocol plugins
are supported.

Thanks to Randy Charles Morin (randy at kbcafe.com)
we have Base64 support for our client properties
in the C++ layer as well.
See: http://www.kbcafe.com/articles/HowTo.Base64.pdf
Randy allowed us to distribute Base64.cpp under LGPL.

Have a look at the demo clients and their supported properties

  PublishDemo -help
  SubscribeDemo -help

in the directory xmlBlaster/demo/c++/bin (after compilation
with 'build cpp')