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[xmlblaster-devel] Re: xmlBlaster with VC++6 client


I would like to now if there's a way to use xmlBlaster with VC++6 client application.
I can't get the xmlBlaster C++ client library compile with VC++6, it generates a lot
of cpp error :-(
Can I find some precompiled DLL for VC++6? Or maybe can I use an older xmlBlaster
version that will compile with older compiler ... ?
I think that if I compile xmlBlaster DLL with VC7, I couldn't use it in my cpp client compiling
on VC6...

Hmm, i don't know much about those Windows boxes but i think that a VC7 dll is backward compatible from XP down to Win 98 and to older VC. (Our dll is no managed code). To verify just try it,



Thank you, regards, Sebastien Schneider.