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[xmlblaster-devel] c socket lib

Hi All,

I've come accross a couple of minor probs with the c-socket lib under
windows for the current release. Some of these may have old news by now.

There are memory allocations made by the lib under the semantics that the
client shall 'free' the memory.

Unfortunatly this will not work on this platform, different heaps etc, lib
could be compiled under vc7 and client under vc6 etc...

There should be a library supported functions for memory allocation etc.

Also for the record, 'bool' though probably supported by 'C' for a long time
is another gotcha under vc6 this would compile though when if(func()) was
tested it would fail.

with return bool it would go something like mov ah, 1 but when if() came it
would go like cmp eax, 1
and this was the cause of the error. So beware.

Also there is a memory leak in  'freeMsgUnitArrInternal(MsgUnitArr

free(msgUnitArr->msgUnitArr); needs to be uncommented, otherwise I see a

Thanks Guys