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RE: [xmlblaster-devel] build.xml

Hi Marcel

Sorry to take a little while to get back to you. I dont gurantee the line
number being exact as I have been playing with build.xml, though the snippet
below starts a 2544.

       [cc] Starting dependency analysis for 7 files.
       [cc] 7 files are up to date.
       [cc] 0 files to be recompiled from dependency analysis.
       [cc] 0 total files to be compiled.
     [echo] Assure to add F:\xmlBlaster\lib to your PATH to find
tC.dll, pthreadVC.dll and sqlite.dll (if persistent queues are used)

F:\xmlBlaster\build.xml:2549: No case matched the value
QUEUE} and no default has been specified.

Total time: 4 seconds

      <copy file="${build.src.c.dir}/socket/pthreadVC.dll"

      <switch value="${os.family}" caseinsensitive="false">
         <case value="windows">
            <echo message="Assure to add ${lib.dir.absolute} to your PATH to
find xmlBlasterClientC.dll, pthreadVC.dll and sqlite.dll (if persistent
queues are used)"/>
            <switch value="${XMLBLASTER_PERSISTENT_QUEUE}">
               <case value="1">
                  <copy file="${sqlite.lib.dir}/sqlite.dll"
   </target>  <!-- C lib -->

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>Martin Johnson wrote:
>> Hi,
>> In the current .903 release.
>> A <default> needs to be added to build.xml around about line 2553 for the
>> switch statement
>> <switch value="${XMLBLASTER_PERSISTENT_QUEUE}">. It is not
>possible to build
>> with this being left undefined.
>> Regards
>> Martin
>Hi Martin,
>could you please send me the error output
>as i can't reproduce it here.