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[xmlblaster-devel] Re: [xmlblaster] Client Failsafe and Re-subscribing

Hi David,
When you say you loose the connection to xmlBlaster, is it the xmlBlaster server which is shutdown or just the connection to it ?

I also would be interested in knowing if the server has logged you off or if it is still pinging. Also tell me which version are you using (please see the additional email on SOCKET PROTOCOL)


David R Robison wrote:
From what I understand from the documentation, if a client re-establishes its connection to the XMLBlaster after polling, then if the returned public session Id is the same as before the connection was lost, then all subscriptions should be intact, otherwise, the subscriptions will need to be restated. I am using the SOCKET protocol and sometimes I see that the subscriptions persist and other times not. Do I understand the documentation correctly? Any thoughts?

David Robison

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