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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] Java and C UDP code commited for SOCKET protocol (donated from Michal Masa)

Brad Clements wrote:
On 23 Aug 2004 at 3:10, Marcel Ruff wrote:

 The subscriber needs to add a


 to its subscribe QoS to receive the callbacks for this
 subscriptions with updateOneway() instead of the default update().
 This is a new feature, probably we should remove the 'oneway' flag
 in ConnectQos.

Are you saying that a Python callback will *never* have it's updateOneWay method called unless it includes <updateOneway/> in it's login QoS ?


1. Using <updateOneway/> in the SubscribeQos will switch to updateOneway()
   for exactly those messages which are delivered for this subscription.

2. PtP messages currently can't force updateOneway explicitly.

3. Using the attribute <callback oneway="true" ...> in ConnectQos will switch
   on updateOneway() for ALL callbacks of this login session (including PtP)

With variant 1 you have fine control on which topics shall be delivered oneway.

(oh, I note that pyBlaster still uses login instead of connect)



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