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[xmlblaster-devel] Re: Assistance with socket interface (python clients)

Hi Colin,

i still believe you haven't the current code,
i think the error you send me from CbDispatchConnection.java:156
was fixed on
  date: 2004/08/22 22:50:43
please try again.

Your update response is broken, you get a

' 372**I**1conncb_Wed Aug 25 22:31:00 2004:4*update*unknown** ...

and respond with

 '        97**R**1unknown*update*sessionId:**<qos/>**0*'

The requestId="conncb_Wed Aug 25 22:31:00 2004:4" you receive from xmlBlaster with update() should be returned in your update response (instead of requestId=unknown")!

Further all your calls like connect, publish should send a unique requestId
(in the client scope), you can choose a simple counter.


Your Python SOCKET clients are very smart and tiny! Could you imagine to complete it and add some comments or docu and tests and add it to xmlBlaster under LGPL license?



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