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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] MsgUnit[] on C#

Well yeah it returns MsgUnit[] (sorry for being lazy). Anyways, I've tried the VB demo and it returns something like 'Get returned: System.<something>'. It's like getting an object.ToString(). Were u able to view the message? I'm using VS.NET 2003. Thanks!


Sorry, i havn't tried this,
but get() returns an array


and not


The only example for ActiveX i have driven to the end was VisualBasic.net, there the solution was simple:

' Get synchronous the above message Dim getMsgArr As Object() getMsgArr = xmlBlaster.get("<key oid='HelloWorld3'/>", "<qos/>") Dim msg As Object For Each msg In getMsgArr Console.WriteLine("Get returned:" & msg.toXml()) Next

As this is an ActiveX mapping issue some
Microsoft .net practitioner could know the answer ...



Jonathan Lee wrote:
Anyone out there using xmlBlaster managed to get it working with C# or .NET? I'm not sure if I got it right, but when I tried to call the 'get' function, it suppose to return MsgUnit object. Under the .NET, it returns an Object instead and I can't cast it to 'MsgUnit' .
(e.g. public abstract new System.Object get ( System.String arg0 , System.String arg1 )
Member of XmlScriptAccess.XmlScriptAccessDispatch)
Any solutions on extracting the message information? Thanks!

regards, Jonathan


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