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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] patch to perl/xmlrpc/server.pl

Jason Martin wrote:
The attached patch to the latest CVS version of /opt/cvsroot/xmlBlaster/demo/perl/xmlrpc/server.pl,v makes the
following changes:

* Print out Header / Messages / Qos of update messages.
* Add a retries and delay option to the subscribe/callback tag to reduce
the chance xmlblaster will attempt to ping the callback server
before it is created and thus unsubscribe it.
* Add ReuseAddr => 1 to the Frontier::Daemon invocation to
prevent "Address already in use" errors due to TIME_WAIT's when
the script is killed and restarted quickly.
* Print out an error message if the xmlrpc server does not start
* Add commenting for the above.

-Jason Martin

your patch is applied to cvs,

thank you,