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[xmlblaster-devel] plugin problem

Title: plugin problem


I think there is a bug in xmlBlaster(0.91) concering plugins.
When you write a plugin (eg. the example in requirement engine.runlevel.howto) and
your plugin class (class implementing I_Plugin) is not in a package
(I know not a good way of programming), your plugin cannot be loaded by xmlblaster.

You'll get an IndexOutOfBoundsException in
org.xmlBlaster.util.classloader.PluginClassLoader one line 35:

============ org.xmlBlaster.util.classloader.PluginClassLoader ===============

34 this.pluginName = pluginInfo.getClassName();
35 this.pluginPackage = pluginName.substring(0, pluginName.lastIndexOf("."));

============ org.xmlBlaster.util.classloader.PluginClassLoader ===============

If the plugin class is not in a package, pluginName does not contain any "."
So pluginName.lastIndexOf(".") = -1; resulting in the IndexOutOfBoundsException for the substring method.

If a plugin resides in a package there is no problem.

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