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Transaction support


I'm interresting in implementing Transaction-Support for the

If you agree with it, I will first plan, what to do.

- general transaction ability of xmlBlaster
  2phase commit
  long transactions
  commit, rollback, recovery etc mechanisms
  nested transactions

- XA-Support 
   How become an XA-ResourceManager?
  find several transaction monitors/managers with XA-Support 
    to test with.
- OTS-support
  How become a transactional object

Greetings from Konrad

  Net-Business GmbH
  Müllerstrasse 12/1
  88045 Friedrichshafen

  email: konrad.krafft at doubleslash.de
  fon  : 07541 6047 104
  fax  : 07541 6047 111