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[xmlblaster-devel] ANNOUNCE xmlBlaster release 1.RC3 *stable*


xmlBlaster version 1.RC3 *stable* is available.

This is the third release candidate for version 1.0. We plan to release version 1.0 in a few days.

Please download this version and test it in your environment
a.s.a.p and report all problems to our mailing list,
it is the last chance to add fixes for version 1.0.
Having covered your problems for 1.0 is for your own benefit.

XmlBlaster  is  under development or productive in a huge range
of  industries  like  satellite  control,  air  traffic control
telecommunication, radar, car industry, process monitoring etc.

This  release  is backward compatible to the previous regarding
the  client  server  communication protocols.

It   is   tested   under   Linux/Solaris-SPARC/WinXP  with  JDK
(1.2)1.3-1.5 and g++ 2.9x/3.x,icc 8/8.1, MSVisualC++ from 2003,
SunCC    compilers.    There    is    no   reason   why   other
platforms/compilers should not work, just try it.

It  is  leak  checked  in  RAM  and  on  persistence  store for



the xmlBlaster maintainers