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[xmlblaster-devel] Using GnuRegexFilter

I have a problem. I subscribe to xmlBlaster using an XPath that specifies a certain value on the key. An initial message is posted that does not have that value in the key, then later an update is posted that does. Since the key is immutable, it is not changed and I do not get the update message. I think I can I use the GnuRegexFilter to register a filter that looks in the body of each message for the value I am seeking, is that true? 
When I attempt to do that, I get no messages back at all. Does anyone have an example using the GnuRegexFilter for a subscribe? In my code, if I take out the addAccessFilter with my regex _expression_, I get all the messages posted, which is correct. When I add the addAccessFilter back in with a simple _expression_ that should match anything ".*", I get no messages back at all.
Here is the dump of my subscribe key and subscribe qos
 <key queryType='XPATH'>
  //key[starts-with( at oid, 'msg-')]
  <filter type='GnuRegexFilter'>
  <history numEntries='1000' newestFirst='false'/>