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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] Reconnected xml-rpc callbacks result in duplicate messages

On 22 Feb 2005 at 0:06, Michele wrote:

> > qos.subscribe.multiSubscribe
> > 
> if you subscribe multiple times, only one is considered.

This is the one I'm using, plus clearSessions=true

> Yes there is:
> maxSessions=1 in the conntectQos, however I believe you would do better 
> here to use persistent subscriptions and avoid to re-subscribe, see

Hmm, qos.login.session documentation simply says that maxSessions sets the 
maximum number of logins for the client. There's no indication what happens when the 
maximum is reached. I'd expect maxSessions=1 to fail a second login, rather than kick 
off the first session.

I've looked at persistent connections (thanks for the tip).

In my environment, I can't really claim a failsafe callback. I can't be sure my callback 
will be at the same port, or even the same machine on the next restart.

So, I'll stick with clearSessions=true and multiSubscribe=false That seems to be 


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