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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] reconfiguring topics

Ross Jekel wrote:

Hi, During development I sometimes need to change the properties on
existing topics - I would like to keep the same name. I always seem to
get warnings such as

[Jun 9, 2005 8:25:24 PM ERROR Thread-5
TopicHandler-/node/xmlBlaster_127_0_0_2_3412/topic/ross] Sorry we are in
state 'UNREFERENCED', reconfiguring TopicHandler is not yet supported,
we ignore the request

Sometimes the state is 'ALIVE' etc.

What is the proper procedure for reconfiguring a queue?


Hi Ross,

sorry, as the ERROR says, reconfiguration is limited to certain topic states.
The only save way is to erase and create the topic new
or use a second topic having the other features you need.

Which properties you want to change?
Adding the feature is probably not a big issue but needs
to be analyzed for each case,