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RE: [xmlblaster-devel] Explicitly setting xmlblaster.properties file location in the code

Hi Marcel,
   I believe the command you provided below is to start the XMLBLaster
server.  I need to be able to explicitly set the location of the
xmlBlaster.properties file in my xmlBlaster clients.  I created my
windows executables using Jbuilder.  The executables contain
xmlBlaster.jar, so modifying the properties file there will result in
the IP address of the server essentially being hard coded.  What I need
is a way to set the IP Address of the server and the protocol to be used
without having to recreate the executables.  I can do this if I run my
executables from the directory in which they are installed as I have
placed a copy of the properties file in the same directory.  However, if
I try to invoke one of these executables from a M.S. Access macro, the
properties file in the directory that contains the executable is not
found, and the executable is not able to connect to the xmlBlaster


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Cahn, Kevin W. wrote:

> I am having a problem that I believe I can overcome if I can 
> explicitly set the location for the xmlblaster.properties file in my 
> code.  I have created JAVA native window executables that connect to 
> an XMLBlaster server using socket protocol.  The properties file 
> resides in the same directory as the executables.  If I run the 
> executables from this directory, then everything works fine.  The code

> successfully connects to the XMLBlaster server and runs.  However, I 
> need to be able to execute these executables from M.S. Access macros.
> When I try to run one of the executables from a macro, it fails to 
> connect to the XMLBlaster server.  The log file shows that the code is

> trying to use the internal xmlblaster.properties file from the 
> XMLBlaster.jar file instead of the one in the same directory as the 
> executables.  I'm not sure why this occurs.  The only way I can think 
> to overcome this behavior is to be able to explicitly tell my code 
> where to find the xmlblaster.properties file.  Is there a way to do
> Thanks,
> Kevin
Hi Kelvon,

java org.xmlBlaster.Main -propertyFile x.properties

does the magic.
You can also replace the property file in xmlBlaster.jar with your own
customized one.

How did you create your native executable?