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[xmlblaster-devel] Large-scale File issue socket and memory

I was probing through discussion boards hoping to find some sort of
solution but came up empty handed. The closest issue I found to what I
am currently experiencing I noticed you had attempted to solve, so I
thought it best to send an email since I'm not sure what list I should
be sending to.
On to the problem: I seem to actually have two problems occuring
simultaniously and the software itself is starting to behave very
non-deterministically. On one side is a memory issue, occasionally after
publishing a large message (in this case ~16 Meg for an initial file,
plus whatever wrapping is done) there will be an OutOfMemory error. I
attempted to solve this by giving some parameters in both server and
client side. 
1. I appended the -xms and -xmx flags to the batch file I use to run
xmlblaster (server) giving each parameter 128 and 768 M, respectively.
2. I followed a suggestion made in the boards about message cache size
in the xmlblaster.properties file, which I upped to 20 M
as a side note, these seemed to fix a great deal of previous errors. 
You'll also notice that I'm sending very large messages, which brings me
to the second part of the problem. Since it takes a good 4 to 15 minutes
(depending on the machine I'm using) to package up these messages, as
soon as the message is sent, I immediately get a "connection reset"
message. This indicates to me that the client was unable to respond to
server pings while packaging the message to send. So I was wondering if
there was some xmlblaster setting I could do that would allow for a much
longer timeout, or perhaps some client side switch that would allow the
connection to stay alive while building the message.
Thanks for any help you can provide,