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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] OutOfMemory Exceptions

Hi Joshua,

please check my last response i send on 2005 08 26,
it should help you further.

If the above doesn't help: You can send a dump of xmlBlaster (from command line just type 'd mydump.xml')
zip it and send it to michele and myself directly after xmlBlaster was
running for a day.


Joshua Bowman wrote:


First, my setup:

I have been tinkering with version 1.0.2 of the bus along with the Perl
client API.  I've got several clients connecting, some of them
exclusively publish-ing, others exclusively get-ing.  The get clients
stay connected and issue a get command every few seconds.  The
publishing clients only connect intermittently--a typical push setup.

Each message has an entirely unique oid, and when a client sees an oid
more than once, it issues an erase command.  Multiple clients may be
get-ing that message, because I'm using XPATH queries that only care
about higher-level taxa, i.e., the unique timestamp at the end of the
oid is ignored when making most queries.

Also, I should point out that I am running the middleware without any
persistence.  (I uncommented all the RAM plugin lines in the
xmlBlaster.properties file)  I've also set the message/maxRemainingLife
to 1000 ms and the destroyDelay to 1 sec.  Typical throughput is
somewhere in the range of a hundred messages/minute.

The server is running Fedora Core 3 on a 2 GHz processor with 1 GB of

Now, the problem:

The middleware and all clients function perfectly for a couple days and
then I start getting exceptions tossed all over.  Especially by the
get-ing clients.  A few examples:

Fault returned from XML RPC Server, fault code 0: java.lang.Exception:
errorCode=legacy message=#exported DOM tree is invalid

Fault returned from XML RPC Server, fault code 0: java.lang.Exception:
errorCode=user.query.invalid message=#exported Sorry, can't access,
query syntax of '/xmlBlaster/key[contains ( at oid,'<unique id>')]' is
wrong : java.lang.NullPointerException

The middleware gives these exceptions:

[Aug 25, 2005 5:09:35 AM WARN  Thread-10 XmlKeyDom.InvalidQuery] Sorry,
can't access, query syntax is wrong for '/xmlBlaster/key[contains
( at oid,'<same unique id as above>')]' : java.lang.NullPointerException


It appears that the clients are properly deleting messages from the bus,
because when I restart a get-ing client, it doesn't recieve any of the
messages that were sent while it was down.  Are these errors due to some
sort of race condition, or am I really running out of memory?

I'm inclined to believe it is the former, because I'm quite new to
xmlBlaster, and I'm fairly certain that I'm abusing the API pretty

Also, I tried getting server stats using the admin commands, but I can't
figure out how to do anything other than these four, which are provided
in the code example:


I'd really like to be able to see some queue details to see how long
messages are hanging around after I think they're supposed to be

Any help will be much appreciated.

- Josh