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[xmlblaster-devel] how to delay delivery of messages?

I've checked the archives, and couldn't find much information on this 

We use xmlblaster for low volume, small size, event notification 
messages coming from Zope to backend processes running in Python.

Often, xmlblaster delivers these messages before the Zope web 
transaction has completed, so Zope has not committed changes to the 

Our backend process starts to work on the message and finds no 
candidate records in the database, hence it fails.

I'd like a QoS or something that says "deliver after xx seconds", or if I 
need to use an absolute time, I can do that too.

Is there some way to do this in xmlblaster?

Basically, I want to schedule messages for future delivery. The "future" 
isn't very far away, and there wouldn't be more than 3 or 4 of these 
messages queued up at any given time.

We're using updateOneway, so the receiver of the message can't really 
"reject" a message from xmlblaster.

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