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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] writing a requirement (requirement's attributes)

Cyrille Giquello wrote:

Sorry for that multi-post ;o)

About requirement tag :
<requirement id='client.perl' type='NEW' prio='HIGH' status='CLOSED'>
What should I use for that attributes : type, prio and status

Flash requirement :
    id= client.flash
    type= NEW
    prio= MEDIUM
    status= INWORK or OPEN
C# requirement
    id= client.csharp or client.C#
    type= NEW
    prio= MEDIUM
    status= INWORK or OPEN

If you give me some guide lines, has I'm in doc writing, I will report them as comments in files requirement.dtd and requirements.xsd

Good idea. The type i think we can set to deprecated. I can't see any use for it anymore.
The prio is MEDIUM. I think it may sometimes be useful to list
urgent tasks only.
status is INWORK, or CLOSED if you have finished your work.

In many requirement.xsd there are 'lang' (any,XML,Java...), should I add Flash and C# to them ?

Yes please.


thanks, cyrille.