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[xmlblaster-devel] Email protocol framework released


we now have released a set of protocol plugins
to transparently do the complete
 client <-> xmlBlaster server
communication with emails instead of CORBA, SOCKET, XMLRPC etc.

Additionally it supports sending/receiving all xmlBlaster commands and
messages using an ordinary email GUI (like pine, thunderbird, outlook ...).

The email protocol layer has many configuration options
like for example compressing the payload with zlib
or setting an expiry header field.

It is possible to use our simple XML script markup for communication
so you can verify emails with XML Schemas in a clever firewall setup if

With emails you can usually pass most fire walls and still have
the complete functionality!

As all xmlBlaster core functionality is available (like queueing,
sending ACKs, pings) you will never loose any message,
you use the MOM as you would with for example CORBA.
The framework protects automatically against email duplicates or
sequence problems caused by some MTAs (mail transfer agents).

For more details please read