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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] SSL for master-slave

Hi Jonathan,

you have probably already looked into


I haven't used your setup yet.

But all SSL settings are native Java settings, so the JAVA-SUN documentation
should help you further (nothing xmlBlaster specific).

Each clients XmlBlasterAccess instance has a unique Global.java instance
and this can be configured by different '-plugin/socket/trustStore'
Note: Our code doing this is in

Please report your solution to help others,


Jonathan Clark wrote:

I am able to successfully setup the SSL connection(including the socket_ssl address) for the slave to communicate with the master node, but I have been unable to

find the syntax to setup the truststore for the SSL connection. How would I setup the truststore in the slave properties file so that I can use different truststores

to connect to different masters?

Jonathan Clark

Open Roads Consulting, Inc.