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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] Get connection states of connected nodes...

Matthew Sargent wrote:

Thanks for the info, that sounds like the way to do it, but it may be more
than I really need right now. Given that I have a list of the node ids, can
I make a simple query to see if they are connected to my local xmlBlaster
instance? I can query my local node for the nodeList using:

MsgUnit[] msgs = con.get(
"<key oid='__cmd:/node/?nodeList'/>",
Say we have the master 'heron' and the slave 'avalon'.
If you open jconsole for heron you will see avalon as a client and you click into its session to see its connection state.
The same is possible with __cmd: messages/telnet.
and that gives me the nodeList, but when I attempt to get any information
about any of those nodes, I get an error:

errorCode=user.illegalArgument message=#1.1.1 Query of foreign cluster node
'vsp' is not implemented, sorry '/node/vsp/?numTopics' rejected
Yes, the forwarding of a __cmd to the remote cluster node to find out its attributes (like topic names) is not implemented.

I can, however, query my local node for the same information and I get it:

<key oid='__cmd:/node/stauntonstc/?numTopics'/>' =  <qos> <isGet/> </qos>
<key oid='__cmd:/node/stauntonstc/?numTopics'/> <content

I really just need a simple method to make sure that my local cluster node
is in contact with the others.
See my first remark above, isn't this enough then?



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Matthew Sargent wrote:

We are using the simple domain to master mapping and have setup
several mater/slave relationships. I would like to test if the
xmlBlaster instance I am connected to is further connected to others
in the cluster. I have a list of domains that I am making
subscriptions to and would like to use those to figure out if the
masters associated with each particular domain is connected. I see
many examples if you already have the master node id, but is there a
way to get the master node id for a domain so I can use that to query
the connection state?
Hmm, probably not out of the box ...

What you can certainly to is to register a native plugin in
you can take a copy of org.xmlBlaster.engine.EventPlugin.java as a base
and throw
out everything you don't need.
Find the code line where
  this.engineGlob = ...
is assigned.
With this you can call

   ClusterNode[] nodes =
   for (int i=0; i<nodes.length; i++) {
      ClusterNode node = nodes[i];
      node.getConnectionState();  // See javadoc, marks alive, polling
      node.getId();               // the nodes name

Now you know the cluster nodes and if the connection is alive.

On the other side note that the EventPlugin implements
With this listener you get notifed about all coming and going
  public void subscriptionAdd(SubscriptionEvent subscriptionEvent) {
      SubscriptionInfo subscriptionInfo =
      String domain = subscriptionInfo.getKeyData().getDomain();
  public void subscriptionRemove(SubscriptionEvent subscriptionEvent) {

Now you know about all subscribed domains.

You could now publish a PtP message to the clients interested or better
publish the current list
to a topic (say oid="myCurrentDomainList") where your clients retrieve
it from with get().


I would like to use the con.get() to gather this information
periodically so I can report on connection status.