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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] Clarification on socket protocol exception..

On 21 Apr 2006 at 13:43, Marcel Ruff wrote:

> > Example of an XmlBlasterException as a response on a publish() (a
> > content is not shown):
> >
> >    "        84**E**17711*publish*oxf6hZs**QueueOverflow*The
> >    destination queue is full*0*"
> >   
>   qos      key    len   content
> +-----*---------*-----*----------+
> I think the "0*" trail is the 'len' == 0 which ends with '\0',
> the content is nothing here.

So you're saying, in the case of message_type = E, then

errorCode is in the qos position
message is in the key position

and if there is a byteDump, it's treated as content.. ?

But to confirm, an exception message can only have one message Unit, right?

> > If 'A' adler32 checksum is not supported, why is
> it in the spec at all? >   Yes, this could/shall be removed, it was
> more some thought what could be done with this compression flag.

When using UDP, the udp protocol does not require checksums, so having an 
application level checksum could be valuable... 

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