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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] how to diagnose subscriber that stops getting messages after a while?

On 14 Jul 2006 at 12:22, Marcel Ruff wrote:

> > shouldn't killSession also disconnect the tcp socket protocol?
> >   
> Yes it does. It could be possible that the thread is blocking on a
> socket read/write call and not noticing directly that it is now
> useless.

Whose thread, on the client or in xmlblaster?

In the client, there are 4 threads. One for socket read, one for socket write, one 
for processing incoming messages and the main application thread.

The one that was dying was the "process incoming messages" thread. So the 
socket threads are still trying to read and write, and they'd notice if the socket was 
closed and that would be detected by the application and it would restart.


Did  you see my other note, about how even after reconnecting the client, the 
queued messages are not transmitted? I have to either kill xmlblaster or use 
jconsole to kill that session (which results in lost messages).. Otherwise a 
reconnect does no good because xmlblaster still thinks the session is busted.

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