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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] Perl XMLRPC callbacks

Hi Tim,

i don't understand the setup/problem.

Is this your scenario?
Left is client, right is server:

-----> connect
<----  connectReturn

<----- ping
-----> pong

-----> subscribe
<----  subscribeReturn

Which perl modules do you use, can you send
your demo client to show the problem?


Tim Heilig wrote:
I'm finally attempting to switch up from 1.0.7 to 1.3, every previous version switch has run into problems, but I'm hopeful this time. My biggest issue right now is the single threaded perl callback problem when you want to subscribe. The server pings before the subscribe call returns, so the callback server isn't set up yet. This is a problem that's been around as long as I've used blaster, and was no big deal in 1.0.7, you would get a connection refused, then the server would reping, connect, and send the messages.
In 1.3 the server instead shoots out an error saying that a subscriber needs a callback server. The server gets tied up so long generating those errors, that it eventually drops the client connection.
If I subscribe on the first ping, it doesn't work either, I'm assuming in 1.3 a message won't get routed to a client until a successful ping has occurred.

Subscribing on the second ping seems to work, but I don't want to wait that long before I can subscribe, nor do I want the ping time to get shortened just for that one subscribe.

I'm going to try and fork off a procces which sleeps long enough for the connection to be established (hopefully) then sends the subscribe, but I was curious if anyone had a better method for dealing with this in v1.3