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Re: Hi from OpenQueue project!

mattj at newsblip.com wrote:
> Hello xmlBlaster community,
> Someone just pointed me to your site.  We have a somewhat similar project
> called OpenQueue, which is also an Open Source message queuing project.
> And I thought we were the only ones :-)
So did we :-)

> Our site is at:  http://openqueue.sourceforge.net
Thanks, i'm just studying your  "OpenQueue - Technical Overview"
i'm impressed, a very clear and excellent MOM intro!

> At first glance, it seems like a major difference between the projects is
> that xmlBlaster is providing a higher base level of functionality, by
> utilizing CORBA and XML throughout the system.  In contrast, OpenQueue
> operates at a lower level, defining its own protocol over TCP, and sending
> messages of any mime type (which might or might not be XML).
I have put a link on our 'Internet Resources' page pointing to your
I hope it is OK for you.

> There seem to be advantages and disadvantages to each approach.  I hope we
> can share ideas, and maybe find ways to co-operate. Thanks,
if we find some way to cooperate, i would be happy to do so!

best regards,


(I could not figure out how to CC this mail into your Sourceforge
mailing list)
Marcel Ruff
ruff at swand.lake.de