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Re: ServletDestination

Incze Lajos wrote:
> Hi,
> I've downloaded the 0.75 release but the build script
> failes with the error message:
> ===============
> /opt/xmlBlaster/build/src/xmlBlaster/org/xmlBlaster/util/servlet/ReqBaseServlet.java:79:
> Class org.xmlBlaster.util.servlet.ServletDestination not found.
>          outputMethodHandler.setDestination( new
> ServletDestination(response) );
>                                                  ^
> 1 error
> BUILD FATAL ERROR: Compile failed, messages should have been provided.
> ===============
> I've poked around the release files but really couldn't find
> any ServletDestination sources. What's wrong?
>                                                         incze
You don't need to compile the directory "org/xmlBlaster/util/servlet".
XmlBlaster runs fine without.
These to servlets are only important if you want to build the
requirement HTML documentation files on the fly from xml with
Servlets in your web server
 (requirement xml files are in directory xmlBlaster/doc/requirements).

As the README in the directory
tells us, you would need additional jar files for those Servlets.


-  Delete the Servlets *.java files,
   remove the build directory and start build.sh again.
   If you use 'xmlBlaster/.bashrc', login again to include
xmlBlaster.jar into
   your CLASSPATH.
   Else add it manually.


-  use the 'make all' command, the Makefiles ignore this directory.



James: How can we exclude this directory in Ant?
Marcel Ruff
ruff at swand.lake.de