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Added an example link with a browser pushback


on our homepage 'Example' section there is a link for a 
browser callback demo.

You can also load it directly:


It should display two bars which show the cpu and memory load on
the xmlBlaster server.

The http connection is never closed, and new data is immediatly
published from xmlBlaster to your browser.

This framwork allows you to push every data you like to
your browser, since it is a regular xmlBlaster message.

The data source (a perl script, java code or c++ client publishing
data to xmlBlaster) is totally decoupled from
the data sink (your browser). 

It runs fine with netscape 4.72 and mozilla M13 on Linux.
Opera on Linux has problems.

As i have no Windows, i couldn't test it with IE.

Please report if your browser works with this callback

thanks, Marcel

Marcel Ruff
ruff at swand.lake.de