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Re: Publish and Subscribe question

Brett Palmer wrote:
> Marcel,
> I was able to reproduce the problem using the PublishFile and
> SubscribeMessage clients. I was using a larger XML file, but I have attached
> a smaller XML file that produces the same problem (I borrowed and edited the
> XML file from the ..demo/queryXML/Agent.xml file). You can reproduce the
> error with the following steps.
> 1. Start xmlBlaster
> 2. Start the PublishFile client (with my attached file):
> jaco org.xmlBlaster.client.feeder.PublishFile -k Agent.xml -content " "
> 3. Start the SubscribeMessage client:
> jaco org.xmlBlaster.client.reader.SubscribeMessage -xpath
> "//key[ at oid='300']"
Ok, the bug is related to the <key> element inside the metadata.
This conflicts currently with the <key> element usd by xmlBlaster.

We have to find a solution for this (adding a 'xmlBlaster' namespace
or whatever).
For the time being, you should avoid using the 'key' element inside
the XmlKey meta user-data.

Thanks for your report!


Marcel Ruff
ruff at swand.lake.de