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ANNOUNCE xmlBlaster release 0.78

Buon giorno,

release 0.78 is out.

Changes for 0.78 [Jul, 14 2000]
  - Added generic database access from James to xmlBlaster core.
    The JDBC gateway uses now the native interface to xmlBlaster.
    Added advanced JDBC connection pooling. Every user has
    its own pool, allowing heavy load server simultaneous
    database access (thread save).
    See online requirements for more informations/examples:

  - Michele Laghi added complete C++ client support for MICO and
    He implemented all necessary C++ client helper classes for easy and
    xmlBlaster access.

  - Moved xmlBlaster/src/idl/xmlBlaster.idl to directory

  - Changed package names:
    org.xmlBlaster.engine.persistence.I_PersistenceDriver ->
    org.xmlBlaster.engine.persistence.FileDriver          ->
    org.xmlBlaster.util.MessageUnit                       ->
    org.xmlBlaster.util.Destination                       ->
    org.xmlBlaster.util.CallbackAddress                   ->
    NOTE: You need to replace your xmlBlaster.properties
    with the new xmlBlaster.properties.template!

  - Changed classes:
    MessageUnit now contains the qos
    MessageUnitContainer is removed.
    Note that there is a CORBA MessageUnit and a
    class (same name, same members).

  - xmlBlaster.properties allows variables ${...} replacement.
    see util.property.args.xml, util.property.env.xml, util.property.xml
    NOTE: You need to replace your xmlBlaster.properties
    with the new xmlBlaster.properties.template!

  - The "+" for command line options (e.g. +trace) is not supported
    any more, use for example '-trace true' instead.

  - There is now RMI support for xmlBlaster available.
    The Servers are in
    A simple demo client is in
    Read the INSTALL file about how to use RMI support.
    This is an alpha release, no test suite etc. yet.
    The reason for RMI support is a future support
    of JINI (which is based on RMI).
    The Discovery and Lookup of Jini are very fault tolerant
    and could be a base for xmlBlaster replication,
    load balancing and master/slave operation.

  - Added XmlBlasterException.java in org.xmlBlaster.util package.
    This allows Corba independend Exception handling.
    The xmlBlaster.idl defined XmlBlasterException
    is not removed and still resides in package
    NOTE: You need to change the package of XmlBlasterException
    in your code as well (if not thrown from Corba).

  - Added new package org.jutils to the xmlBlaster distribution.
    This replaces org.xmlBlaster.util over the time.
    You need to set the environment variable JUTILS_HOME to:
    Changed package names:
       org.xmlBlaster.util.Log          -> org.jutils.log.Log
       org.xmlBlaster.util.FileUtil     -> org.jutils.io.FileUtil
       org.xmlBlaster.util.Queue        -> org.jutils.collection.Queue
       org.xmlBlaster.util.Args         -> org.jutils.init.Args
       org.xmlBlaster.util.Property     -> org.jutils.init.Property
       org.xmlBlaster.util.Memory       -> org.jutils.runtime.Memory
       org.xmlBlaster.util.StringHelper -> org.jutils.text.StringHelper
       org.xmlBlaster.util.StopWatch    -> org.jutils.time.StopWatch
       org.xmlBlaster.util.Timeout      -> org.jutils.time.Timeout
    rm Args.java FileUtil.java LogListener.java Log.java Memory.java
Property.java Queue.java StopWatch.java StringHelper.java

  - Compiled successfully xmlBlaster with JDK 1.3 for Linux.
    Performance enhancment for CORBA access ~ 80%

  - Compiled successfully xmlBlaster with TowerJ native compiler.
    Performance enhancment for CORBA access ~ 30%
    See .bashrc for used settings

  - Added protocol plugin possibility in xmlBlaster.properties
    Default settings are Corba drivers, example for RMI is provided as
      # List of all xmlBlaster access protocol drivers (I_Driver and
I_Callback implementations)
      # <protocol-type>:<driverClass>,<protocl-type>:<driverClass>,...
      # For protocol types see I_Driver.java

  - Added native interface for xmlBlaster: I_XmlBlaster.
    All plugged in protocol drivers need to use this interface.
    The authentication is checked there in a controlled way.

  - The package org.xmlBlaster.authenticate is now CORBA independend.
    It uses or generates a unique sessionId string to track a login
    of a user. This allows easier integration of other
    protocols like xml-rpc.

  - Bug fix in PoolManager.erase() method

  - ClientConnection: removed deprecated logout(server)
                      Added killPing() in logout()



Marcel Ruff
ruff at swand.lake.de