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Re: OpenQueue (oqtane)

I run the OpenQueue project, and lurk on the xmlBlaster list :-) I'm
interested in hearing what people think about collaboration, too. While
the xmlBlaster team can describe their own current status and goals, let
me summarize where we are with OpenQueue, and where we might all

* The wire protocol is still called OpenQueue. Oqtane is the new name of
the actual server program we make available.

* OpenQueue does do persistent pub/sub messaging pretty reliably, but it
currently does not do point-to-point (the essential difference being, in
our eyes, that in PtP multiple consumers can consume messages in turn from
a topic, allowing for easy load balancing; in pub/sub, consumers consume
messages independently from each other).  PtP is a goal for OpenQueue, but
not yet designed.

* I've started defining a SOAP interface for message queuing.  This is a
very exciting opportunity, I think, for both teams to cooperate.  If we
can come up with a very simple set of MQ function definitions, a user
could run any mix of SOAP-compliant xmlBlaster or OpenQueue clients and
servers. Writing wrappers for other systems (MQSeries, MSMQ, JMS) should
be pretty easy, too.  While there's a lot that would need to be figured
out, and this would only provide basic functionality, it could be a great
leap for integration. It's better for the Open Source community to solve
this problem now, before Microsoft and IBM try to force a solution upon
us, IMHO.  Is there any interest in this in the xmlBlaster group?


-Matt Jensen

On Mon, 7 Aug 2000, Ganesh Prasad wrote:

> Hi,
> I gather from your website that xmlBlaster is a PtP and Pub/Sub product but
> not a queueing product. There is an Open Source queueing product called
> OpenQueue (recently rechristened "oqtane", at
> http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?forum_id=18450). Is any
> integration/interoperability planned between these two projects? It would be
> a very powerful combination.
> Regards,
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