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Re: A very basic question about start client on different machine with the Server

Jonathan Lee wrote:
> Is there any method I can run Client and server on different machine?
> I tried the iorHost.
> But the client always try to locate the localhost 1282 port.

Host myserver:

   jaco org.xmlBlaster.Main -iorPort 7609

Host myclient:

   jaco javaclients.corba.ClientSub -iorHost myserver -iorPort 7609 -ns

runs fine at my place.

-ns       switches off using name service (is optional)
-iorPort  allows to use another port (7609 is default)

You can place these settings in your $HOME/xmlBlaster.properties
as well (on myclient):


to avoid a long command line.
(every command line switch may be used in xmlBlaster.properties
and vice versa).

Port 1282 i don't know.

But remember that the Client opens a port as well, to
allow asynchronous CORBA callbacks.
This is done automatically behind the scenes.

   java    2989 ruff   30u  IPv4   2676       TCP *:1125 (LISTEN)

and when a callback occurs:

   java    3036 ruff   30u  IPv4   2715       TCP *:1125 (LISTEN)
   java    3036 ruff   31u  IPv4   2724       TCP
myclient:supfiledbg->myserver:nimreg (ESTABLISHED)
   java    3036 ruff   32u  IPv4   2718       TCP
myclient:1125->myserver:1066 (ESTABLISHED)


Marcel Ruff
mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de