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Re: Performance?

> I haven't tested your stuff, but the performance notes seems weird.
> done some work on a message based application using RMI (=chat), and I
> managed to easily get a throughput of 15.000 messages per second. Your
> throughput of only 400 seems very low. Any ideas on why?


I believe XMLBlaster formats and parses everything as XML, and the
performance note on their web site said something about the processor
spending most of its time in XML parsing.  From the performance page:

"The socket connections eat up most of the cpuload, thereafter XML
parsing is expensive. The xmlBlaster code itself only consumes very
little of the processing time."

I also find the 400 per second not terribly fast; I know that "native"
sockets-based message passing systems can acheive a large multiple of
that, and am not surprised that Java-RMI is much faster as well.

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