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Re: Concurrent sending

On 27 Jan, Marcel Ruff wrote:
> Hi Peter,
>> Yup. One of the really nice features of xmlBlaster (I think) is the
>> ability to sort of do a selection with XPATH in realtime agains XML. But
>> since this today only is possible in the key part I en up duplicating my
>> xml-messages, on in the key and one in the message body, wich is not
>> that effective. And I really do think there is an important domain where
>> you do not only want to select on some keys, but on the complete content
>> of the message (this is where xmlBlaster shines compared to JMS).
> Ok, got it.
> For the time being, if you have xml message contents,
> you can just place the content in the key.
> But be aware, that the big DOM (built from the key meta information)
> in xmlBlaster is memory (RAM) based only,
> even with the new persistent database from Manuel).

I know, I do it this way today, and therefore I look forward to the mime
based query stuff ;-)

> I have seen on backsource that you are a Perl hacker as well,
> did you ever try a Perl-XmlRpc connection to XmlBlaster?

Nop. I have not used Perl for almost a year now. But I do have an
integrations project where it might come in handy (the rich language
support is one of the other parts which make xmlBlaster stand out)

By the way, I am halfway through with a J2EE Conntor resource adapter

> cu,
> Marcel

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