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Re: Understand MOM ...

> Enrique Martinez Cardenas wrote:
Hi Enrique,

> Hi all, my name is Enrique Martinez from Mexico.(sorry about my
> english)

It is probably better then mine.

> I see the xmlBlaster Server a great product but i can´t understand
> plenty if anyone can tell me where to find more documentation on jms
> and the tehc behind xmlBlaster or tell me where to start in the
> resources section.

MOM (message oriented middleware) is a common name for two philosophies:

1) Point to Point (PtP)
   Somebody (point A) sends a message to someone else (point B).
   Usually the MOM server has a queue for messages when
   the receiver is currently offline.

2) Publish/Subscribe (Pub/Sub)
   A data source publishes its knowledge with messages to the
   MOM server (e.g. a wind speed anemometer publishes the
   current wind speed every 2 seconds).
   Data sinks subscribe to such informations and receive them
   instantly as a message/event.

Thats all about it - it is simple - it is powerful.

Follow some links on our 'Internet Resources' hompage
to get more vaiants of the above principles.

best regards - and don't give up,


Marcel Ruff
mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de