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Re: XMLBlaster as a JMS implementation

Ganesh Prasad wrote:
> Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but I couldn't find explicit
> information on the XMLBlaster website.
> We're building a CRM product using Java, and we find that JMS (Java Message
> Service) is the natural backbone for our architecture. Can we use XMLBlaster
> as the underlying JMS implementation? We need both Pub/Sub and Message
> Queues (i.e. Topic and Queue objects).
> What parts are stable, and what parts are still under development?

All implemented parts are considered stable, as we have
a powerful, fully automized testsuite.

Basic PtP and Pub/Sub is both finished.

XmlBlaster is not JMS conforming, and it is not our
goal to be a JMS implementation.
I heared from some other users, that they think of
adding a xmlBlaster - JMS gateway, i don't know if they
are working on it.
IMHO, JMS as several drawbacks.
We want to be simpler and more powerful - which we are :-)

You can access xmlBlaster from any CORBA, RMI or XmlRpc aware
language (JMS is Java only).

Our interface is simple, some 4 or 5 methods which
do all the magic.

You can query topics with XPath which is a standard based on
JMS has a key/value based approach.

But as we say, all roads lead to Rome -
their are many ways to solve a problem.

best regards and good luck,


Marcel Ruff
mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de