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Ping in XmlBlasterConnection

I am a little confused over the ping method in XmlBlasterConnection. I
would like to use it to check connections, but it does not return
anything and have no Exception in the signature.

Looking at the code it seems as if it should throw an exception, but
that it will never do that:

public void ping()
      if (isReconnectPolling)
      try {
         if (Log.CALL) Log.call(ME, "ping success() ...");
      } catch(ConnectionException e) {
         if (Log.TRACE) Log.trace(ME, "ping failed, xmlBlaster seems to be down, try to reactivate connection ...");
         try {
         } catch(XmlBlasterException ep) {
            if (Log.TRACE) Log.trace(ME, "Exception in ping! " + ep.reason);
      return ; // never reached, there is always an exception thrown

Is this a bug or feature ;-)

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