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AW: J2EE connector resource adaptor

Hi Manuel,

you are right with the EJB specification,
but it is only an specification, no implmentation.

Why shouldn't xmlBlaster be an implementation of a message
driven bean?

I find this idea great.
The whole landscape of EJB will be opened to us.
Or we will be open for them??? ;-)


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> Betreff: Re: J2EE connector resource adaptor
> Hi,
> why you build an j2ee adapter. It sounds very good but i think it makes no
> sense. Look at the EJB2.0 specification. In this specifiaction, there is a
> chapter about Message-driven Beans. Sun has defined a new Bean typ
> "Message-driven Bean" which represents message-oriented
> middleware. I think this is the
> accurate way for j2ee complaint.
> Bye Bye,
> Manuel
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