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Erasing messages

I want to be able to erase messages once they have been recieved by the
intended recipient.  To do this, I'm assuming I'll have to use (forgive the
mix of C++ & Java syntax...)

CorbaConnection :: erase(String xmlKey_literal, String eraseQoS_literal)

Maybe someone can answer some questions for me:

1)  Why is the key a String instead of some "KeyWrapper" or whatever...?
2)  Why is the QoS a String instead of some "QosWrapper" or whatever...?
3)  How is the qos supposed to be formed?  Is <qos></qos> good enough for
this purpose?  I can't find any documentation about it...
4)  Since I get back an UpdateKey from I_Callback's update() method, how do
I get a String xmlKey_literal from that parameter?  UpdateKey has a
"getUniqueKey()" method, which according to the javadoc will access the
'<key oid="..."', but when I output the result of that method call to
System.err, all I get is the oid string (i.e., the ... in oid="...")

If anyone can answer some of all of these questions, I'd apreciate it.  If
you can point me to some documentation about it, I'd appreciate that too.

Take care,