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Re: Erasing messages

Hi Nikolay,

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>      Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 11:29:21 -0800
>      From: "Nikolai Devereaux" <yomama at ucsd.edu>
>      Reply-To: <xmlblaster at xmlBlaster.org>
>      To: <xmlblaster at xmlBlaster.org>
>      Subject: Erasing messages
>      I want to be able to erase messages once they have been recieved 
by the
>      intended recipient.  To do this, I'm assuming I'll have to use 
(forgive the
>      mix of C++ & Java syntax...)
>      CorbaConnection :: erase(String xmlKey_literal, String 
>      Maybe someone can answer some questions for me:
>      1)  Why is the key a String instead of some "KeyWrapper" or 
I don't remind the exact reason. Probably just to avoid to "force" 
clients to use these Wrappers if the don't want it. In any case, if you 
have the KeyWrapper object (lets say keyWrapper), then you can pass 
keyWrapper.toString() to erase.

>      2)  Why is the QoS a String instead of some "QosWrapper" or 
>      3)  How is the qos supposed to be formed?  Is <qos></qos> good 
enough for
>      this purpose?  I can't find any documentation about it...

have a look on the Homepage under "Reference Handbook" the engine.qos.* 

>      4)  Since I get back an UpdateKey from I_Callback's update() 
method, how do
>      I get a String xmlKey_literal from that parameter?  UpdateKey has 
>      "getUniqueKey()" method, which according to the javadoc will 
access the
>      '<key oid="..."', but when I output the result of that method 
call to
>      System.err, all I get is the oid string (i.e., the ... in 
call UniqueKey.PrintOn()

>      If anyone can answer some of all of these questions, I'd 
apreciate it.  If
>      you can point me to some documentation about it, I'd appreciate 
that too.
>      Take care,
>      Nik
Cheers Michele

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