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Re: Last question (i hope!)

Nikolai Devereaux wrote:
> The javadoc for CorbaConnection says that it's erase method throws
> XmlBlasterException, ConnectionException, however, when I try to compile
> code that catches these exceptions, I get the error that ConnectionException
> is never thrown in the body of the try {erase(..)} block.

CorbaConnection.java:erase throws both mentioned exceptions
but i believe you use XmlBlasterConnection in your
client (which hides the CorbaConnection or other protocols like RMI or

XmlBlasterConnection.java:erase() catches the ConnectionException
behind the scenes and does approriate handling of this

 - Start pinging (if you are in fail save mode)
 - Recording (if switched on)
 - Informing you with the callback method lostConnection()
   enforced by the interface I_ConnectionProblems

See for example xmlBlaster/testsuite/org/xmlBlaster/TestFailSave.java
See the requirements client.* on http://www.xmlBlaster.org
(follow the link 'Reference Handbook')

i hope i didn't miss the point,


Marcel Ruff
mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de