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Re: Request for new feature

On Fri, 23 Feb 2001, Peter Antman wrote:

> On 23 Feb, Marcel Ruff wrote:
> > Peter Antman wrote:
> >> 
> >> Naively I have assumed that the following behaviour was supported...
> >> - A new client subscriber will only get new messages, not messages
> >>    published before it logged in and started its subscription.
> > I have added your suggestion, the new publish qos is called
> >    <isVolatile>true</isVolatile>

For what it's worth as an idea, OpenQueue supports a value for initial
backlog of messages.  If 0, you get just new messages since your
subscription started.  If -1, you get all the old messages. If 5, you get
the last 5 messages before you started.  The motivation was for scrolling
headline news in an applet, so you are guaranteed to see some headlines
without waiting.  (For a demo, see http://www.newsblip.com/applet.php3)


-Matt Jensen