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Does anyone have any problems using XML-RPC with xmlblaster?  I've written a
client application in VB that connects to xmlBlaster via xmlrpc.  I can log
in and log out okay, so I know that the rpc works for the most part...
however, whenever I try to publish a message, I get an error message that
the byte array is screwed up.

I looked at the website for the Helma site's Java xml-rpc server
implementation, and it says that a byte array is created when it receives
base64 encoded data.

I base64 encode my data for the RPC, send it through, and xmlBlaster returns
me the error message:

org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Error decoding BASE64 element: miscalculated
data length!

Has anyone else been successfully able to use XML-RPC with xmlBlaster
clients?  If so, would you be willing to tell me what xml-rpc library you
used to link to your code to make the calls?  Any source code to help me
figure out my problem would be greatly appreciated.

I've written a simple client app in VB, using a COM dll written by Steve Ivy
and Joe Massey, found at http://redmonk.editthispage.com/xmlrpccom/

Take care,