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Re: Two questions

Usign this method(failsave), if the client hang up (irregular close),the message that aren't sended are lost???
The mudb works fine when insert but when I close the application and I try get(with a query in XPATH) in other execution, the message that I inserted (with the </isDurable> flag) I don't get it.

Sorry by my poor english :-)

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On 7/3/01 at 12:42 Marcel Ruff wrote:

>Hi Pep,
>> I'm using the xmlBlaster, but I have two questions:
>> 1. If the client is offline(ISDN and is disconnect) there are any manner of store > the
>> message in local and when he connect send the messages. The cache mecanism that is
>> implemented I think that is in server part, when the receiver is disconnect.
>I believe this does the magic you need:
>see especially the code snippet:
>  int maxMessages = 1000; // if connection to xmlBlaster is lost,
>                     //  no. of messages to record locally and playback
>on reconnect