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AW: Structuring messages for retrieval

> Hello,
> I have just installed XMLBlaster and got it up and running with
> Python XML-RPC.
> Cool!
> I am struggling a little to get the "big picture" and hope someone can
> help.
> 1) Where can I learn about structuring messages and expressions for
> retrieving them? I'm a bit confused about how XPath is used for retrieval.
Messages are always expressed in XML. But an always existing question is:
Should I use the keyOID

(e.g. <key oid="earth.europe.germany.berlin" />)

to specify the
message or should I use the XML

(e.g. <key oid="1234">
      </key> )

Genrerally fell free. My suggestion is if you need directly access to your
take the first one. If you want to access your message via an expression
take the second one. For XPath documentation, please read

> 2) How/where does XMLBlaster store queued data? Is it possible
> to backup a running XMLBlaster system?
We use the file driver comes with xmlBlaster to store the messages in files
on the
file system. (Use the qos <isdurable>)
> 3) Where should I look to find out more about the JDBC support?
Look at the SUN's Java Tutorial

Hope this helps!

Konrad Krafft
doubleSlash Net-Business GmbH
Mullerstrasse 12/1
88045 Friedrichshafen
email: konrad.krafft at doubleslash.de

> regards,
> Sean McGrath CTO
> Propylon
> Enabling Universal Mobility
> http://www.propylon.com