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Once and only once delivery

OK, so I am very new to xmlBlaster (and MOM in general).  I am checking out
xmlBlaster for a potential project.  I've read the docs online and such, but
I am having a problem getting part of the behavior I want.  So I have a
couple of questions, and I am hoping someone has some insight they can give

1. I made two copies of SimpleChat.java.  In one, called SimplePost, I just
post messages.  In the other, called SimpleGetCallback, I just setup the
callback and display messages received.  The problem is that the messages
don't appear to be processed in the order sent.  I am not sure this is a
problem.  But I wonder if this is the expected/desired behaviour, or if
there is a way to get the messages to process in the order posted.

2. I also made a version of SimpleGetCallback called SimpleGet.  This
program uses "get" instead of a callback to receive and display the
messages.  I found that I receive messages multiple times.  I tried making
the messages volatile.  In that case I only receive each message once, but I
miss some.  I want a behavior where each message is delivered to a client
once and only once.  I tried pub/sub and point-to-point, and I tried turning
on and off volatile and durable, but no combination seemed to do what I

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

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