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Re: MimeType changes during transfer?

Heinrich Götzger wrote:
> In a talk, Marcel and I had recently, I learned, that this is a
> undocumented feature or a bug, depending on the point of view.
> Actually the subject of this mail should be something like:
> 'MimeType changes _not_ during a session'
> But what am I talking about?
> If a message is been published with a certain oid, it's been put in the
> xmlblaster intern database including all relevant message info like
> mimeType.
> Later publishes of these messages with different mimeTypes would _not_
> force an update of the xmlBlaster intern database stored mimeType.
> Therfore I'm not able to receive the MimeType in the subscriber I just
> pulished in the publisher if it differs from the first mimeType of this
> message ever published.
> This would lead to 2 possible solutions:
> 1. To check and/or set the mimeType for every message which has been
> published.
> 2. To expand the qos with an argument like mimeTypeForce=yes or something
> appropriate else.
> to 1. this would slow down the communication and the throughput of
> xmlblaster dramatically.
> So I would intend to proposal 2.

My vote for 2. as well,
are you willing to implement it?

> We would get the opportunity to subscrib(e) to a message independently of
> it's mimeType.
> What dou you think?
> How would one expect a MOM (or xmlBlaster) working in this case?
> Any ideas?
> Marcel, am I correct?

How could i tell if you are correct :-)
Life is like our rainbow fish, it is so
colorful and diverse, everything has its own truth ...




Marcel Ruff
mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de