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Re: SOAP client

I'll start by taking a look at the XML-RPC stuff to
begin with - the move to SOAP shouldn't be that

Actually one of my main uses for xmlBlaster is to act
a switch between CORBA and XML-RPC/SOAP. So the
configuration looks something like this: 

CORBA         XML-RPC       SOAP     
Server        Client        Client   
  |              |            |      

So this basically means using xmlBlaster as a bridge
between CORBA and SOAP (alternative approaches include
http://soap2corba.sourceforge.net/). Is it feasible to
use xmlBlaster for this purpose?
I did browse through the docs and some of the code,
but not detailed enough to answer these questions: 

- how to take an xmlBlaster message and turn it into a
CORBA invocation? Examples?
- just so I get the lingo right: an xmlBlaster
CORBAClient can be CORBAServer - right? 

Thanks in advance!


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